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My name is Suzan St Maur and I've had cancer twice. I find that humor helps me get through my cancer, and from what I understand it helps many others too. This blog is dedicated not to information about the disease, but to cancer warriors and their relatives/friends who just want some cheering chuckles. By all means share your funny stories and jokes with us - email them to suze @ (If you want to know more about me see my profile on here or

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can anyone smell burning?

Just back from the 6-monthly "poke and peek" for the bladder cancer and have settled myself very carefully at the computer.

Whereas on the previous occasion all my gorgeous, handsome Nigerian surgeon did was to poke, peek and retreat, this time it was poke, peek, spot small polyp/tumour (been sent off to histo), insert knitting needle, chop out lump, insert branding iron, cauterize.

By this time my eyes were watering so much the tears could have extinguished a forest fire.

And coincidently, the said Nigerian hunky surgeon grinned while cauterizing and asked, "can anyone smell burning?" Raucous laughter all around - from the nurses, anyway.

I was in and out of the hospital in exactly one hour, as opposed to a whole day had we done it conventionally. Much more convenient. But I have to admit there were times while the Nigerian hunk was prodding with the red hot poker that I thought fondly of spinal anaesthetics. Very fondly.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Funny, naughty blog for breast cancer warriors

Happy 2009 everyone and apologies for not posting much in the last few weeks. My health is OK at the moment and I've got another "poke and peek" on Jan 22nd. Hopefully my gorgeous Nigerian surgeon won't find any nasties up there, other than perhaps the residue of all the delicious Chablis I've been drinking over the Holidays.

If you fancy a laugh about current affairs, have a look at my new blog, The Suze Report. And don't forget How To Get Married In Green if you're planning a celebration and want to make it more eco-friendly.

For anyone who has or has had breast cancer, or cares about someone who does, you'll love the feisty, brave humour of Alright Tit - how one young BrC warrior is thumbing her nose at the Beast as she ferociously kicks it into touch. I'm following her blog and recommend it thoroughly.

More after the P&P - keep smiling!