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My name is Suzan St Maur and I've had cancer twice. I find that humor helps me get through my cancer, and from what I understand it helps many others too. This blog is dedicated not to information about the disease, but to cancer warriors and their relatives/friends who just want some cheering chuckles. By all means share your funny stories and jokes with us - email them to suze @ (If you want to know more about me see my profile on here or

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Wee-Wee Whoopsie

Happy New Year! And if you're thinking that you haven't much to celebrate, oh yes you have ... as a dear friend who at the age of 50 has advanced Multiple Sclerosis and I were saying on the phone earlier, "we're still here!" And if you're reading this, so are you.

I was just marking up my shiny new 2011 calendar with a string of medical appointments including one to visit the stoma nurses on January 20th.

The last time I went to have my urostomy checked out I thought I would entertain the nurse by telling her how the only two times I have experienced a wee-wee leak were times when the appliance was put on by a stoma nurse.

When we got to the point where a new bag was to be put back on me, she handed me the necessary equipment and with a snarl, said "You'd better do this yourself." UroKarma strikes again. No laughter. I looked around for a drain to crawl down.

Don't forget to check out Amy Marash's delightful blog, CancerIsSoFunny - her drawings are wonderful and her take on the funnier elements of her own cancer journey is priceless.

And for more wonderful humour that isn't health related - but amazingly, makes you cry with laughter without the use of a single smutty word or thought - have a look at Jeanne Robertson's website. She's 6 foot 2 inches tall, 68 years old, from North Carolina, and one of the funniest women I've ever observed on either side of the Atlantic.

Let's hope 2011 gives us even more to laugh about, and less to fear and loathe.

Sz xx

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  • At 4:53 AM , Anonymous AMY said...

    thanks Suze. I'm still here! happy new year, AMY

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