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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Watching TV can make you sick: so what else is new?

TV viewers from around the world who, like me, find each new wave of cheaply produced TV shows increasingly nauseating, will be amused to learn that a Belgian research team has now discovered that medical programs can make you sick, too.

According to Dr Jan Van Mierlo, of Hasselt University, Belgium, "specifically, fear of illness increased with age and girls were more afraid of illness than boys. We questioned adolescents who, in general, had no personal experience of hospitals and doctors and are likely to have learned a lot through TV. It's a subliminal relationship, something you take with you from these programmes."

For the full article on the UK's Daily Mail, click here.

So - what ailments could other TV progs induce?

I can't really speak much about North American TV as I live most of the year in the UK, but let me speculate for a moment.

House - depression, supressed anger, pulling the wings off live flies

Strictly Come Dancing (or US equivalent) - dropped arches and bunions on both feet

Talent shows in general - severe tinnitis in both ears

Gardening programmes - gang-green (oh, sorry)

Home makeovers - housemaid's knee (sorry again)

Sports - tennis elbow (not sorry any more)

Beauty makeovers - Bell's Palsy (of the face)

Political documentaries - acute schizophrenia

OK, over to you now

How many more TV related illnesses can we come up with? Post your ideas as comments on here. Or email them to me, suze at suzanstmaur dot com, and I'll post them for you.

No budget for champagne I'm afraid but a big, big smile and cyber-hug will go to the author of the funniest responses.

All for now...