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Thursday, January 26, 2006

That broccoli has a lot to answer for...

My recent postings seem to have caused something of a stir in the world's vegetable racks. The following are the thoughts of my good friend and colleague Nicola Cooper-Abbs, whose feelings about broccoli are almost as passionate as my own...


I’ve had an irrational fear of broccoli for as long as I can remember. It fits well with my irrational fear of donuts and thunder. I’m pretty sure my fear of the green trees started with my mother’s obsession with that vegetable. My mum has always been pretty good about looking after herself. She used to come in late from work and prepare herself an evening meal, maybe a jacket potato, maybe a fish pie, maybe a piece of chicken. Whatever the meal, whatever the mood, it was always accompanied by those evil green trees.

Big, hulking, steamy lumps of broccoli simmering away in the pan. Bluergh. Even the smell was enough to make you leave the country. I used to have nightmares about giant trees of broccoli chasing me through the countryside, pinning me down and dropping into my mouth to curse me with their unholy goodness. My mum used to take great delight in asking me to chop up her broccoli or chase me round the kitchen with it (wonder where those nightmares came from).

Somewhere, and I’m not sure how it happened, I developed a liking for broccoli. It was insidious. I ate it one night not knowing what it was and before I knew it I was craving more. Evil, haunted broccoli has infected my brain. They say coffee and alcohol are addictive - they ain’t got nothing on broccoli.

But the broccoli addiction paid off for my mum - she is incredibly fit and healthy and at this very moment is in training to walk the Inca Trail. In October this year she will take on the 10 day trek to raise money for the Breast Cancer Campaign. If you’d like to sponsor her to raise money for a great cause (and distract her from the broccoli for a few days) then go to


Nicola told me that her mother is doing this fund-raising trek in memory of a very close friend who was a breast cancer warrior. Sounds like a great idea, with an even greater purpose.


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