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Friday, January 27, 2006

Herceptin - a serious moment

Readers in North America may be horrified to learn that here in the UK our National Health Service is somewhat backward in coming forward - depending on which area of the country you live in - to allow funded treatment for early stage Her2 positive breast cancer cases.

The only NHS approved funded treatment currently is for advanced BC. Some NHS areas are relenting on early stage BC cases and coughing up; some aren't.

However attitudes - and financial unwillingness - are beginning to change.

The progress that is being made is largely due to several brave people campaigning in the UK to put this right. Just today (Jan 27th) there was a heart-warming story on the BBC's news website about Barbara Clark - click here to view.

And another brave warrior, Dot Griffiths, has started a campaign, "Women Fighting For Herceptin," with its own website - click here.

Without people like Barbara, Dot et al Heaven knows how much longer the fight would take. If you're sympathetic to the cause, please sign up to Dot's petition on "Women Fighting For Herceptin" ... there's no donation required, you don't need to be UK based, and every bit helps.

OK, next post will be jokey. Promise.



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