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My name is Suzan St Maur and I've had cancer twice. I find that humor helps me get through my cancer, and from what I understand it helps many others too. This blog is dedicated not to information about the disease, but to cancer warriors and their relatives/friends who just want some cheering chuckles. By all means share your funny stories and jokes with us - email them to suze @ (If you want to know more about me see my profile on here or

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

And another medical joke for today

Just got this one in from Fiona, my lovely Financial Advisor here in the UK ... great lady who knows her onions when it comes to investing money and unlike me, does not mix metaphors....

A male patient is lying in bed in the hospital with an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose and still heavily sedated from a four hour operation.

A young nurse appears to sponge his hands and feet.

"Nurse", he mumbles from behind the mask, "Are my testicles black?"

Embarrassed, the young nurse replies, "I don't know. I'm only here to wash your hands and feet."

He struggles again to ask, "Nurse, Are my testicles black?"

Finally, she pulls back the covers, raises his gown, holds his privates and jiggles them around a bit, takes a close look and says,"There's nothing wrong with them!"

The man pulls off his oxygen mask and says very slowly,"That was very nice..but listen very, very closely:

Red faces all around....or were they?


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