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Thursday, September 29, 2005

A sneaky-but-apt snipe at doctors...

My good friend Frances from South Africa (and co-author with me of a new book to be published next year, see similar titles here ... ... OK, commercial over) sent me this subtle but wicked snipe at our favorite GPs'/primary doctors' legendary lack of graphological skills...

Doctors at a major London teaching hospital went on strike this morning. Hospital administrators as yet do not know what the doctors' demands are, as they're still waiting for a pharmacist to come and read what's written on the picket signs.

I just hope whoever writes up my chemotherapy scripts a) can do legible joined-up writing and b) is reasonably good at spelling.

And as for computerized prescriptions?

The last few times my GP/primary doc has tried to key in a prescription for me while I was in his office I had to help him with the spelling and the send commands so I didn't leave the medical centre with a course of pills to treat ingrown toenails on an orang-utan. (The doc's wife is a vet, but I doubt there's a connection.)

Here, now, in the UK it's teenage homework time so I had better turn back into my screaming harridan mode and ensure my 13-year-old son gets off MSN and on to his studies. Ho-hum.


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