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Monday, September 26, 2005

My latest news - and signs you need a new doctor

A quick update on my own cancer situation...

Despite my onco having given me a very guarded opinion - sitting on the fence, basically - on whether chemo is a good idea or not ... "only small percentage of benefit in your case, it's up to you..." I've decided to go for it. Should start in a couple of weeks.

Ah, what the heck. I've always hated washing/drying/styling my hair so the thought of a nice wig that I can throw into the laundry really appeals to me. And even if the percentage of benefit from chemo is small, I reckon it's worth having. Do you agree?

However, this recent fence-sitting on the part of my doctors has caused me to reconsider whether the advice I'm getting is the best possible or not. The following has helped me in my decision making process. (Once again, many thanks to the original author whoever s/he may be...)

Warning signs that you may need a new doctor:
  • The patient before you was a goat.
  • Instead of anesthetic he has you watch PBS.
  • He has an assistant named Igor.
  • The local bar association named him "Client of the Year."
  • Whenever he leaves the room his nurse makes duck noises.
  • During surgery he has to keep repeating that "thigh bone connected to the knee bone" song.
  • Mike Wallace and a film crew are hanging out in his waiting room.
  • He asks you to turn your head and cough during an eye exam.
  • You can beat him in a game of Operation.
  • All his medical books are from the Time-Life "Do-it-Yourself Series."
  • He has an office sharing arrangement with a mortician.

    Have a great week!


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