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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Never thought I'd be glad to have chemo pills, but...

Well, here we are in shivery Britain going through what - in my memory - has been one of the worst winters for kids' bugs since my son (now nearly 14) was born. One throat bug after another cold after another chest infection after another tonsillitis after ... well, you name it, he's had it.

Despite my chemo I've managed to avoid catching all but one of the colds until this week, when we both got the gastro-intestinal bug that's been laying out hundreds of folks in our neighbourhood. Several schools locally have had to close because too many pupils and teachers were out for the count with it, and the doctors' offices are heaving with people who can't stop vomitting and/or trotting to the washrooms.

I've experienced a few trots myself but whenever I have felt that Vesuvius was about to erupt from my stomach, I have popped a couple of my wonderful "Dom Perignon" pills ("domperidone," for the medically minded) given to me to counteract nausea arising from chemo.

They work a treat. It's a shame I can't share them with my son but I just don't dare give them to him - they say you must never share medicines with others and I'm especially cautious in his case.

If he isn't better by tomorrow I'll take him to the doctor's but I can hear it now, can't you?

"Rest, plenty of fluids, and it'll clear up by itself."

So often, going to see your GP/primary care physician is just one very short, pointless yawn... as we can see from the following:


Patient: Doctor, I have a pretty bad sore throat.
Doctor: Go in the next room and disrobe, please.
Patient: But doctor, it's just my throat!
Doctor: Who's the doctor here? Please just go into the next room and disrobe.

So the man goes into the next room where he sees another man sitting down in his shorts with a box in his lap.

As the first man is getting undressed he starts up a conversation, "Can you imagine that doctor? I've got a sore throat and he tells me to undress!"

The second man answers, "What are you complaining about? I only came in here to deliver a package."


Yours longing for Spring and healthier days



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