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Friday, October 14, 2005

Yes, we know, laughter is terrific medicine (but it's good to have it confirmed...)

Yet more from real, live, sources on the internet - that aren't jokes... this time from the US site

Here's an edited excerpt, but to read the whole article click here. And thanks, ThirdAge guys, for sharing it with us - I haven't asked your permission but I don't suppose you'll mind considering we're not making any money out of this. If you do mind, you know where to find me.

Don't Take Yourself So Seriously

Laughter is the best medicine.

We know that the ability to laugh is helpful when coping with major illnesses and the stress of life's problems. But researchers are now saying laughter can bring balance to all the components of the immune system, which helps us fight off diseases.

Laughter provides a safety valve that shuts off the flow of stress hormones rising in our bodies when we experience stress, anger or hostility. Stress hormones suppress the immune system and raise blood pressure.

Laughing till your sides hurt is an experience many of us have had, and hopefully more than once.

In our daily lives, we encounter many stressful situations that we often don't deal with very well. Laughter provides a way for these emotions to be harmlessly released in a safe environment.

Sometimes, when things are really stressful, something really silly will have us doubled over in hysterical laughter. It's sort of the body's way of providing an outlet to bring down the stress levels that are being experienced.

Taking life seriously is a recipe for stress. Taking yourself too seriously is a recipe for illness.

Laughter can often happen at the most inopportune moments as the body's way of handling stressful situations.

Many people, for example, find themselves wanting to laugh at funerals, during interviews, during arguments or when bad news is received. It's a reaction to rising stress hormones in the body and a simple and effective way of bringing those damaging substances down, however inappropriate it may be at the time....


As I indicated, do please read the whole article here ... and speaking as a subscriber to ThirdAge, I can recommend it as a useful source of information for the over 50's (and younger.)


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