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My name is Suzan St Maur and I've had cancer twice. I find that humor helps me get through my cancer, and from what I understand it helps many others too. This blog is dedicated not to information about the disease, but to cancer warriors and their relatives/friends who just want some cheering chuckles. By all means share your funny stories and jokes with us - email them to suze @ (If you want to know more about me see my profile on here or

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Proctological Mechanic

The following from Steve, one of my fellow contributors to the Know-How Exchange of the US website Marketing Professionals (click here to view.)

A gastroenterologist had been in practice for 20 years and had settled into a very comfortable life with his future being very secure. So he decided to fulfill his REAL life's dream and become an auto-mechanic.

Having entered mechanic school, the former physician received the results of his first test back with a score of 200%. Confused, he asked the teacher why such a high score...

"Well", said the teacher, "The first part was taking the engine apart and you did that perfectly so you got 50%. The second was to put it back together again and you did it perfectly and got another 50%. The other 100% was for doing it through the tailpipe."

Have a good week!


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