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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Police now classify urostomy bags as offensive weapons

According to various articles in the North American press, it seems that a certain Monica Avila - proud owner of a urostomy - found a useful new role for her urostomy bag recently when displeased by the boys in blue who were pursuing her by car, attempting to arrest her.

Ripping off her bag, which we must assume was due for emptying at the time anyway, she threw it at the officers who were then splattered with urine.

Much encouraged by this I am delighted to be in possession of a potentially offensive weapon ... handy to deter muggers, pickpockets, charity tin rattlers, traffic wardens, etc. I think even the hardest-bitten hooded teenage chavvy-yob would run like hell rather than get sprinkled with fresh human pee...

Read one version of the whole story in the Toronto Sun ...

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