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My name is Suzan St Maur and I've had cancer twice. I find that humor helps me get through my cancer, and from what I understand it helps many others too. This blog is dedicated not to information about the disease, but to cancer warriors and their relatives/friends who just want some cheering chuckles. By all means share your funny stories and jokes with us - email them to suze @ (If you want to know more about me see my profile on here or

Saturday, February 07, 2009 bladder cancer?

...latest conversation with previously-mentioned gorgeous urologist who is treating me (in the UK) for my bladder cancer...

Me: Would you like me to send you the latest stats from the USA on BCG treatment combined with Interferon?

Him: Yes, by all means, but...

Me: ...but what?

Him: You know what it's like in this country, we're always the last to get approval for drug treatment when there's a cost attached to it

Me: OK, but evidence in the US is stacking up in favour of this treatment as it seems to wallop the be-jaysus out of even high-grade bladder cancers with substantially more success than BCG treatment alone

Him: All fine and dandy, but you know what the system is like

Yes, I do know what the system is like. It does not amuse me.


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