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Friday, May 16, 2008

Vitamin D - let the battle commence

I wonder how many dermatologically sensitive people have begun to eat their hats recently, given that reasonable amounts of sunshine turn out not only to be not all that harmful, but also to be instrumental in reducing the risk / spread of a number of cancers, especially of the breast? (Strong sunlight on the skin causes it to produce Vitamin D - and it seems many of us are deficient.)

The beauty journalists, in particular, are getting thoroughly schizoid about it. In the editorial of one of the UK's leading women's magazines recently the editor proclaimed that "just 20 minutes in the sun is enough exposure to top up your Vitamin D tank for the entire day!"

After a few more lines she oozed "I closed my eyes and threw my head back to bathe my face*** in the afternoon sun."

When you follow the asterisks, beauty-conscious person that she is, she points out "don't worry, I was wearing an SPF 15 moisturiser."

Shame she doesn't realise that for the sunlight to get your skin producing adequate quantities of Vitamin D, it should be as bare as a baby's behind. And even in relatively tropical climes 20 minutes' of sunshine is hardly going to inflict third degree burns.

One of many, many current, good articles about Vit D can be found here. Well worth reading, especially if you have a connection with breast cancer.

Well, I shall be popping Vit D supplements for the foreseeable future as after a couple of glorious warm, sunny weeks southern England where I live is once again gray and rainy. What with that plus a badly sprained ankle I have no excuse whatsoever to avoid finishing the manuscript of my next book (due out in November) which is about winter weddings.

If you have an interest either in weddings or green living, or both, you might like to take a look at my most recently published book, "How To Get Married In Green." It's attracting quite a lot of attention!

Until next time ... Sz


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